Retail, hospitality, and travel experiences are always about the customer. The most successful businesses in these sectors recognize what they are offering to their customers – memories. People take trips, go on vacations, and shop for luxury items because they want to do something that is a break from their everyday lives. They want to do something that they will remember forever and that they can look back on nostalgically. In essence, our clients in retail, hospitality, and travel are offering their customers the joy of adventure and discovery, and as thrilling a prospect as this is, we know that we can make their offerings even better.

Business Initiatives

  • Turnkey Infrastructure
    • Hybrid cloud platforms
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Industrial ERP
    • Customized ML & DL models
    • Robotic Process Automation solutions
    • SCM Solution
  • Digital Transformative initiatives
  • IOT Initiatives
    • Smart Retail
    • Thief Solution
    • IoT security
  • Infosec
    • SOC | NOC
    • Web | Email
    • DLP
    • Encryption
    • Network Access control solutions
    • End Points
    • Governance | Risk |Compliance
  • Workforce transformation
    • VDI solutions
  • Data centre and managed services
  • Collaboration

Because of our IT solutions, our clients in retail, hospitality, and travel can direct all their energy and attention on optimizing the experiences that they create for their customers. More than any other sector, these sectors demand a passion for service, and confident that we have taken care of their back-end issues and empowered them with sharp insights, reliable security, and efficient organizational systems, they can express their passion for service as fully as possible, pouring all their creativity and dedication into the project at hand. That is the power of smart technology in the hands of outside-the-box retail, hospitality, and travel operations.

At Northstar, we understand service, and we applaud vigor for it when we see it. Like our clients in retail, hospitality, and travel, we concentrate on memorable, pleasant experiences for our users. Our clients are often our end users, but in all the solutions that we develop, we stay aware of the impact that we are making on their customers, reminding ourselves of the wonder and magic that are fundamental to their long-term success.