When people’s lives are at stake, high-quality healthcare takes on a new significance. The same is true in government – the stakes are too high for anything but the highest level of service. Healthcare and government programs that offer maximum value can help people stay healthy and survive, which is why putting a price on it is particularly difficult. Cost effectiveness, however, is also of primary importance because healthcare and government programs are commodities that people will demand more of if they can afford it. Therefore, efficiency is critical to a well-functioning healthcare system and government, cutting down on waste in as many areas as possible in order to optimize the results for everyone involved and touch as many lives as possible. Toward this end, cutting-edge technology solutions can help.

Business Initiatives

  • Turnkey Healthcare Infrastructure
    • Healthcare Hybrid cloud platforms
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Customized ML & DL models
    • Robotic Process Automation solutions
  • Digital Transformative initiatives
  • Healthcare IOT
    • Smart Healthcare
    • Smart Building
  • Infosec
    • SOC | NOC
    • Web | Email
    • DLP
    • Encryption
    • Network Access control solutions
    • End Points
    • Governance | Risk |Compliance
  • Workforce transformation
    • VDI solutions
  • Data centre and managed services
  • Collaboration
  • VR solutions
  • Analytics | Surveillance solutions

Only the highest standards of work are acceptable in the government and healthcare sectors. The medical professionals and the government servants who work the frontlines understand that, and they rely on the technology they use to help people achieve their most pressing goals, such as maintaining their well-being and caring for their families. We at Northstar empathize with our clients, respecting the work that they do and devoting ourselves to helping in any way that we can – mainly by creating fast and efficient IT solutions.

Recognizing what difference fresh insights can make, we seek to comprehend our healthcare and government clients’ needs fully before we ever set out to create any solutions. Only once we have gleaned a wide-reaching and complete picture of the situation do we sit down and start in on the engineering work. This enables us to create systems that fit into the work our clients in these sectors are doing. We empower them to improve and save lives.