Northstar Computers regional associate company of Hilal Computers, Al Hilal Group, which is one of the largest leading systems integrator part of publishing conglomerate in the GCC. We offer our clients access to cutting-edge technologies that make a difference in their businesses. Through our wide range of IT services and solutions, we point businesses toward their full potential and unlock all the endless possibilities of effective IT strategy.

If you sense that there is more that you could do to set yourself up for the future but  you are struggling to figure out what that is, we can help you.

We are there for you every step of the way, we will analyze your business to determine what you need most for this moment and for the years ahead. We are experts in a variety of areas, including business infrastructure, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, SOC|NOC, Managing services, SAP HANA, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing and testing and benchmarking.

Figuring out a way forward for your business and then empowering you to get there, we show you how IT is a tool for your growth and not merely a problem to handle. Our goal is always to make your technology more powerful so that your position in your market becomes more stable.