In the digital age, manufacturing is changing shape, but its foundational principles remain the same. Consistency, timeliness, and quality are all the defining characteristics of world-class manufacturing operations. Our clients understand that, and working within a supply chain, they work hard to live up to the promises they make to their customers. Indubitably, the standards for consistency, timeliness, and quality have become even more stringent than they were in years past due to the changes ushered in by the digital era. This indicates less space for error than ever before, thereby obliging our clients to operate flawlessly in order to stay afloat.

Business Initiatives

  • Turnkey Infrastructure
    • Hybrid cloud platforms
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Industrial ERP
    • Customized ML & DL models
    • Robotic Process Automation solutions
    • SCM Solution
  • Digital Transformative initiatives
  • Industrial IOT
    • Smart Industry
    • Connected Manufacturing
    • Smart Building
    • IIOT security
  • Infosec
    • SOC | NOC
    • Web | Email
    • DLP
    • Encryption
    • Network Access control solutions
    • End Points
    • Governance | Risk |Compliance
  • Workforce transformation
    • VDI solutions
  • Data centre and managed services
  • Collaboration

By embracing digital transformations, though, the hard work that they do can require less effort. This is a matter of figuring out the proper solutions to the problems they are facing, and understanding how technology has improved the industrial and manufacturing processes that affect their specific products. From there, they need to implement systems based on all the knowledge and understand that they have accrued. We can support in that domain – engineering high-performing IT solutions that allow them to focus on the details of their day-to-day operations, confident that the information and insight sides are sufficiently addressed.

We believe that the future is bright for the manufacturing sector. While other technology professionals have interpreted the changes of the digital age as “doom and gloom,” we see them as entrance into a new world of efficiency. The supply chain can become more malleable, and manufacturing operations that work well today can work even better in the near future. At Northstar, we are putting our industry and manufacturing clients in control by equipping them with the IT services and solutions they need to serve as leaders in their sectors.