In publishing and media, there is a sense of uncertainty more than ever. Even the most successful brands cannot take their solvency for granted. Juggernaut, decades-old media companies that once seemed invincible have fallen in the digital era due to their failure to stay ahead of emerging technologies. They have become victims of the evolution of their sector, their strategies growing outdated and new competitors taking their place. For any publishing and media company to survive in the digital era, they must be willing to shift their attention and change their approach with a minimum of notice. In most cases, this comes down to diversification.

Business Initiatives

  • Turnkey Infrastructure
    • Hybrid cloud platforms
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Customized ML & DL models
    • Digital asset management solutions
  • Digital Transformative initiatives
  • IOT Initiatives
  • High performance and flexible client solutions
  • Infosec
    • SOC | NOC
    • Web | Email
    • DLP
    • Encryption
    • Network Access control solutions
    • End Points
    • Governance | Risk |Compliance
  • Workforce transformation
    • VDI solutions
  • Data centre and managed services
  • Collaboration

We at Northstar understand how central diversification must be to our publishing and media clients. While the internet has taken precedence in most people’s minds, broadcast still generates massive viewership numbers. In all areas, from sports to news to education, the most successful publishing and media operations are the ones that are willing to launch themselves into multiple outlets. Few brands will be able to survive let alone grow without embracing a multi-outlet approach and publishing material in more ways than one. Needless to say, our clients require cutting-edge IT solutions to achieve their goals efficiently.

Mastering all of the most important publishing and media outlets, we have seen what is possible when our publishing and media clients commit themselves to diversification. We recognize the value and power of an expansive and inclusive outreach strategy, and we tailor our IT services and solutions to just such a strategy.

Understanding the publishing and media sector as not only it is today but also as it will be in the coming years, we are skilled at drawing sharp insights and creating intelligent systems to help our clients reach their audiences easily and reliably.